Lydia- Shropshire

I absolutely love my soothe box.

The self-help guide book was so thoroughly detailed too. I will use this a lot and keep in my handbag. The candle smells amazing it still keeps its strong gorgeous scent while it’s burning. The chocolate is really tasty too and the tea pigs are lovely and much nicer and than your normal pg tips. Loved everything about it even a book to help plan weekly events.

The delivery was brilliant too it was the best Christmas gift I received this year. It’s going to help me so much and there is so much information to read through that will help so much.

I would recommend this to anyone, whether you are 12 or 82 it is so valuable to have.

Thank you so much Natasha. To see you battling your journey and coming out the other side hoping to help others is so inspirational and you should be very proud. Xx