Crowdfunder X Back her Business- WE DID IT!


I am so happy to say that not only did the Soothe Box Crowdfunder meet its target, we only went and exceeded it too! Our grand total was £2,410 which will make a HUGE difference to the company and hopefully make it easier to reach more people who are in need of a lift. 

To all my supporters, you are all bloody amazing!

I am so very grateful for not only the donations but the shares, kind words and overall loveliness. The experience of running a Crowdfunder project was a big lesson for me. I have always been fiercely independent, therefore asking for help taps into the most vulnerable part of me. I realise now that actually, it's not that bad and you all made it so much easier for me. I look forward to seeing where the next few months take us!


for their donations to my Crowdfunder project. 

All rewards will be fulfilled very soon!



And my crowdfunder has finally launched!! 
So far, I have self-funded Soothe Box Company. However, I recently discovered the Natwest ‘Back her Business’ campaign. The aim of ‘Back her Business’ is to battle the gender gap in entrepreneurship, with grants given to female entrepreneurs with crowdfunder projects.
I have opted for the 2k target, meaning that if I am able to raise 1k, Natwest will match my funds with a grant. If I am successful I plan on doing some wonderful things with Soothe Box Company which I talk about in more detail on my Crowdfunder page. 
I have some really great rewards so take a little look: